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SlingBox Control4 Integration

for Slingbox Pro HD


We have created solution for integrating a SlingBox Pro HD device into a Control4 project. This solution took considerable time to develop and many are to thank. The solution is offered here free of charge.


The main driver for this solution is pre-loaded on the Slingbox firmware. This tutorial assumes the larger system includes a video/audio matrix switch. The Control4 controller must be a HC200, HC300 or HC500. This solution will give you access to all sources, including OSD, from a remote location.

STEP 1 - Physical Installation Instructions
STEP 2 - Control4 Programming Instructions
STEP 3 - SlingBox Software Programming


SlingBox / Control4 Integration by CytexOne from CytexOne.


Screen Shots & Use Images


Here is a link to Slingbox

CEPro Article by Julie Jacobson 6.25.09

Electronic House Article by Julie Jacobson 6.27.09

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